Technology Within Education

Thesis Statement

Technology can create or break education and through study, society can see which is the best direction to go towards with technologies impact on education.

Gaming's Help in Education

Education through technology has changed in a vast majority of ways. Gaming is one of these new discoveries in technology and it can help with kids with disabilities and kids who become bored to easily through older ways of teachings. Gaming uses entertainment as a way to get through to kids and make learning “fun”. As well as with disabled children, using gaming can help because some may not receive as much information as others and school becomes hard for them, but with gaming at the disposal, teachers use the gaming to give more of an interaction so the disabled children receive more information. As seen through the information above, gaming can affect education positively in many ways as so can other forms of technology.

Technologies Help Worldwide in Education

Technology doesn’t only effect education within the country of America, technology effects everywhere in terms of education in a variety of good and bad ways. The positive ways are that education, with the help of technology, can help developing countries get educated enough to help their country or at least help themselves in times of chaos. As the fact states above, the more education a country or person has, the more they can help others and benefit everyone for (hopefully) the greater good. Education is effected everywhere with the use of technology and hopefully with that fact in place, life can advance and education can grow and continue at the state of progression.

Benefits for Students and Teachers

Education in technology can promote helpful tools such as ways to better memorize events and lessons learned in education and technology can also help society deal with realistic problems. The facts shows that not only does technology effect students, but it helps teachers get better information and use it to better their students. Students and teachers alike can benefit from technical education and hopefully fully learn because of the technology education now possesses.

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