How is Perseverance Defined?

Kelsey Barrett

How do you Persevere?

What does it mean to Persevere? To some it could mean bravery, courage, and determination. Do you possess any of these outstanding qualities? This could be the start of your own perseverance. The only thing that stands in your way is your own thoughts and self confidence. Not everyone is fearless, but those who persevere through their fear or insecurities will achieve greatness. Many people who start to persevere are faced with adversity. From big to small, everyone has some sort of hardship or misfortune. Believing in the impossible will help you persevere, while those who don't may fail to meet their full potential.

Sharlene's Road to Perseverance

Many people who have some sort of adversity in their life come up with creative and effective solution to solve it. Take Sharlene for example. She was a big women who had an even bigger heart. She wanted to come up with a fitness program for women who needed a little push in the right direction when it came to working out. The only problem was, the instructors were so skinny that they were making the women feel self conscious and insecure. Sharlene was stuck. All she wanted to do was help the physical shape of some women, and it hit her: she would become their instructor. Sharlene had done it! She had finally created a a successful fitness program for women, and solved her problem!

Steps to Persevere

Maybe your goal is specific: you want to climb Mount Everest, stop smoking, or get a better job. Or maybe it's more a more general goal like to be a better family member or a happier person, or overcome your something standing in your way. Either way, the path toward meeting your goals and over coming your adversity will be more clear if you take the time to do some deep thinking and preparation. Just like this step by step process on how to persevere, you should always have a plan on how to overcome your adversity.
  1. First, you should identify your adversity
  2. After that, to get your mind off the adversity, you should do some things that you like, such as your hobbies
  3. Once you have built yourself up, you should try to figure out how to overcome your adversity (this shouldn't be easy)
  4. You may fail or get pushed down a couple of times but the important thing is to always get back on your feet
  5. You should almost be over you adversity
  6. Now, you are ready to face any type of misfortune or hardship that there is!

Rudy's Story

Rudy Ruettiger's life long dream was to play football for Notre Dame. But, as Rudy was the last born child in his family, he was always know as the "weak one". For the first 4 years, after he had graduated from his high school, Rudy worked in his fathers oil factory. Then, one day, after his best friend died from an explosive pipe, he decided to live his dream in honor of the only person that encouraged him to do so. Once he had arrived at Notre Dame, he soon realized that he had to qualify for the college. Soon after that, he applied for Holy Cross, a school that would allow him to attend Notre Dame if is grades were good enough. Then, he worked really hard to maintain his grades. Although Rudy didn't qualify the first few semesters, he kept working and finally got in for his senior year. Then, tried out for the football team. At first, he didn't make the first seed team, but that didn't stop him. Rudy tried and tried again, and thanks to his loyal teammates, he got to play for the last 30 seconds of the last football game he would see in his time that he attended Notre Dame college. While he was playing, the whole crowd cheered his name, "Rudy, Rudy, Rudy!" And Finally, when that last buzzer rang, his team carried him off the field, and no one has been carried off the field since.