Florida evrglades

Diamon farrell

4 tips about survival

One tip to survive in the everglades is to find food.The second one is to find anything to have as a shelter and the third one is to beware of the american alligators.Last survival tip is to find anything that will help u survive in the everglades like shelter,water,and food.The climate there is like warm and cold a little bit it's mild.


The everglades and the ten thousand islands is a rare and beautiful place.The everglades is a home to a vast array of plants and animals that have adapted to a wet,subtropical environment.One out of every three Floridians(7 million people) rely on the everglades for there water supply.There are threatened animals like the american alligator,american crocodile,sea turtles,birds,Florida panther,and the manatee.

Plants of the everglades

Plants of everglades are very harsh and harmful some are know as to cut through your clothes.