Almost Home

By:Joan Bauer,Presentation by:Makayla Micke


Sugar was at a baseball game when a little girl named jenny had a puppy.Jennys dad abussed the puppy whos name is shush so Jenny new she couldnt keep shush.The little girl saw Sugar and asked is she could take shush.Sugar new she couldnt afford him but was to caring to let that poor puppy be kicked any longer.

This shows that the character Sugar is really caring and thinks of others before herself.


Dont ever give up even when life is really tough.

Sugars dad is an extreme gambler and gambled all their money away.Sugar and her mom Reba are know living in a shelter.Reba suddenly gets a severe depressive incident.Sugar is now in a foster house that she loves. While Rebas in the hospital.Sugar dosnt give up on Reba or on her self.Sugar visits her mom Reba in the hospital everyday until her mom is better.

Figurative Language

Reba ran to me with the massive Chicago wind and threw her back pack down on the unsanitary ground like it was a 1000 pounds.

Before my dad was a gambler and we still had our house I was as happy as someone would be after a butterfly landed on their arm.

1st person omniscient point of view

I thought about about me,Reba and shush actually living in a house and how wonderful that would be.I know that will never happen though.

This shows 1st person because in the story they use I and my and Sugar the main character is telling the story.

The story is also Omniscient point of view because its not just one person facing the conflict .


The passage I am reading here shows how dialogue is used to set up and introduce the conflict to the story.Reba is so stressed about being poor that she gets real sick and has to go to the hospital for a little bit.Sugar is staying in a foster home. Even though,sugar loves her foaster home she is still really worried about her mom Reba.This piece of dialouge is importent because its what leads up to the story.
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