What Can the Library Do For You?

Marketing and Advocacy for School Library Programs

Students as Stakeholders

Students are the core of the library program. All programming should have a direct impact on student learning. As students share their positive library experiences with parents, teachers, and other adults that care for them, this interaction can begin to influence those stakeholders.

School Staff as Stakeholders

Board of Education members, Superintendents, school administration, teachers, and other school staff members are all integral stakeholders in the library program. Mission statements, branding, data walls, and collaboration are examples of necessary elements for connecting and sustaining patronage of these stakeholders.

Community Members as Stakeholders

The community which includes parents, grandparents, guardians, Parent-Teacher Association, booster organizations, alumni associations, local businesses and churches, public library employees, and other interested adults are all powerful stakeholders for the library program. It is crucial to endear the library program to these persons through your work with students.