Ventana Vistas

September 10 - September 14, 2018

Counselor's Corner

Parents, this article provides a list of strategies that you can use to help your child get -- and keep -- his/her life under control. You can download the attachment, or access the article using the link below.

Adapted from "Tips for Developing Organizational Skills in Children" by the Coordinated Campaign for Learning Disabilities (CCLD). Call 1-888-478-6463 for important resources and information about learning disabilities.

FFO Corner

Thank you to all families who donated their Bobcat Bucks! As a direct result of your contributions, we were able to give each teacher $200 for their classroom.

Congrats to the Bobcat Family of the Month, the Sakali family. Thanks to them for their generous Bobcat Bucks donation. We hope they are enjoying their parking space for the month!

Thank you to staff appreciation chair, Becca Hudgens, for getting school off to a great start with a lunch catered by Kneaders (a Bobcat family!), hand sanitizers, and snacks for the book fair teacher preview.

Join us Friday evening at the Family Picnic and Book Fair! Food will be available for purchase from Yummy Doggz and Blue Ice Gelato.

Come and hear superintendent Dr. Mary Kamerzell at the next FFO meeting on Tuesday, September 25th at 8:30am in the Map Room of the library. Also learn more about the upcoming Trunk or Treat event.

News from the Library

Many of you have are the library check out policies!

•All book check out is for two weeks

Kindergarten may check out two books

First Grade may check out three books

Second Grade - Fifth Grade may check out five books

•If books are overdue, students are allowed to check out up to their grade level max limit (above). If students are unable to check out books, they are invited to read/look at books during their library time.

District Flyers

CFSD Governing Board Members

Amy Bhola, President

Amy Krauss, Vice President

Doug Hadley, Board Member

Eileen Jackson, Board Member

Carole Siegler, Board Member

Mary Kamerzell, Superintendent