Guide to Escape From Medusa

By Sandra Ochoa


Medusa is a gorgon. She has snakes as her hair, by an instant or one look at her you will instantly turn into stone. Medusa is a vicious creature. Medusa being at one rate was an average women, until Athena made her hair into snakes. If you know what`s best you will outrun her.

Ways to Defeat Medusa

Step Juan

Find a mirror or something reflective to guide yourself away from her. Her weakness is she is mortal. By her looking at you once, you instantly turn into stone.

Step 2

Search for any tool useful for self defense. At all times, if she comes near to you do not open your eyes!

Step 3

Find ways to back down from her. Any way to keep distance to run. If you are not captured back away slowly and begin to run without looking back.

Step 4

Remembering always to not open your eyes, find a way to get yourself out of the situation, without getting her mad or for her wanting to chase after you. If needed hit Medusa if tension is between you and her.

Step 5

Do not open your eyes and find ways to escape from her presence.


Medusa was one of the three sisters that were gorgons. Her only weakness is she is a mortal.


Medusa`s strength is her stone turning eyes and snake hair.


Avoid Medusa`s eyes, or your life will stay eternally still.......