The Georgia colony

Trista Cochran


Here are three ways that the Georgia colonist lived in the 1760's. The Indians of Georgia used the land for their ways of life. The way that the Georgia colony was founded was by an English man James Ogealthorpe.The English colonist used slavery as labor. all though founded by an English man the land of Georgia was the survival of many and the heartache of many others.

Indians of Georgia

The Georgian Indians spent a lot of time on the land. In the beginning Indians called mound builders lived in what is now the eastern United States including Georgia. The reason that the people called them mound builders is because they built mounds some of them very large. The mounds had various purses. Some were used for burying the dead. Skeletons have been found inside of them. Other mounds were built in shapes of giant animals such as birds and snakes. As you see Indians spent a lot of time outside doing hard work.

Founding of the Georgia colony

English colonist found a way to help poor people. All at once James Oglethorpe and a number of other people in England were thinking about ways to help poor English debtors. In 1733 about 120 English colonist arrived at what is Savannah today. The colony of Georgia was founded in 1732. The British government granted Oglethorpe a charter for the colony in 1732. It was a grant to the land of Florida. In 1733,a group of 116 men and women traveled from Britain to Georgia. People had work hard and travel to a lot of places.

Daily life

Some slaves had the worst life in Georgia. All in all slaves had the worst life in Georgia. They were beaten if they broke certain plantation rules. The colonist did not want their slaves writing notes to each other or reading books about human rights. They ate stuffed fish,gingerbread,and shrimp. In 1763 James Johnston founded the colonist first news paper. Daily life in Georgia was not bad but some of it was bad.


These are three different ways that the Georgians lived in the 1760's. Indians were used for hunting and for building mounds. The English were people who came over to Georgia and helped them make it better. Slaves were used for people that wanted a person to do work for them. Those are some of the facts on how the Georgians grew up in the colony.


Debtor- A person that owes money.
Mound Builder- A person that builds dirt piles with templets.
Religious- Bleaving in religion having faith.
Tobacco- A plant that is smoked in cigarettes.


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