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Tallwood Elementary School Staff Newsletter

Week of December 14, 2015

Reading Collaboration Week

Monday Dec. 14- OPPOSITE DAY

Woodstock ES learning walks

Chorus Program K-2 9:00 am

Chorus Program K, 3-5 2:00 pm

Tuesday- Dec. 15- PIRATE DAY

Newtown ES learning walks

Progress Reports Issued

Wednesday- Dec. 16- CROCK POT DAY and NERD DAY

PBL Program in cafeteria 9:00 am

Thursday- Dec. 17- RED AND GREEN DAY

Corporate Landing Middle Learning Walks 9:00 am

Friday- Dec. 18

5th grade trip to Tallwood HS for concert

K-3 Fire Safety Assembly 9:00 am

SCA Movie Night 7 pm

A Big Thanks To...

To Corie Olenych For making one of your students feel very special on his birthday. His face was priceless and yes I believe when he is all grown up you will be the teacher that he will remember. You my friend made him feel like he is important. Vickie Storm

To Julie for allowing us to seek refuge in your classroom in an emergency. Room 14 greatly appreciates your hospitality. To Keisha for your support, guidance, and creativity. 2nd grade benefits immensely from your diligent work. Thanks! Diane Dykes

Kudos to Lindley Fox and Stephanie Slate. Thanks so much for all your hard work organizing a wonderful Winter Wonderland. Your efforts make our school a better place and a closer community. Both families and staff had a wonderful time. – Keisha O’Neal

This Week's PINS

Upcoming Events in December

  • Dec. 14 Opposite Day
  • Dec. 14-Week of Reading Collaboration
  • Dec. 14 Chorus Program- 9:00 Grades K-2; 2:00 Grades K, 3-5; 7:00 pm Program for PTA and parents
  • Dec. 15 -PAC meeting (flipped)
  • Dec. 15 PIRATE Day
  • Dec. 15- Progress Reports issued
  • Dec. 16- Crock Pot Day and Nerd Day
  • Dec. 17- Green and Red Day
  • Dec. 17 Corporate Landing Middle Teachers Learning Walk
  • Dec. 18- 5th grade to Tallwood HS for Holiday concert
  • Dec. 18- Fire Safety Assembly for grades K-3 9:00 am
  • Dec. 21- Centerville ES teachers learning walks (9:00 am grades 4 and 5; 12:20 pm Grades 2-3)
  • No Collab week of Dec. 21
  • Dec. 23- POLAR EXPRESS DAY and adjusted dismissal
  • Dec. 24- Jan. 3- Winter Holidays!
Jimmy Fallon, Adele & The Roots Sing "Hello" (w/Classroom Instruments)

Happy Birthday!

Dec. 17th- Denise Hickey

Dec. 18- Mary Malone-Brown

Dec. 19- Elizabeth Merce

Dec, 24- Geri Pattie

Dec. 31- Robin Spruill

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