Delphi, Greece

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Delphi is located in Greece on Mt. Parnassus by the gulf of Corinth. On Delphi there's a temple, that people still go to visit even tho there is only remains.
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The first temple built was called the Doric Temple. It was built in the 7th century B.C.E but, then was destroyed in 548 B.C.E because of a fire. People had built another one to replace it in 510 B.C.E. The temple was 60 by 24 meters, 6 columns on the face of the temple and 15 on the sides. The second temple was then destroyed again but, in a earthquake. It was rebuilt a third time and it kept the name Doric. They stopped rebuilding the temple once the Doric was falling apart because it just kept getting destroyed but earthquakes and people.


The temple was built for a small settlement but, over the years it slowly grew in size and population and became more important. Delphi was used for more then just worship, it also help athletic competition like the Pythian games. These games aren't meant specifically for Christian practices, it was just to meet somewhere and play fun athletic games. But people also go the for religious reasons, like to see talented of gods. One god that people went to see was Pythia. He was a priestess who foretold the future. Their religion was Christianity. Emperor Theodosius created Christianity that was then followed Byzentine Empire.


The oldest sacred place on Delphi the Castalian Spring. The Castalian Spring is a fountain that people would bath in. If you were a murderer you would have to bath your whole body, but if not you would just wash you hair like everyone else.

Fun Facts

In ancient time people believed that Delphi was the center of the world. There are many myths about Delphi. The meaning of Delphi is dolphin so there is a myth that the God Apollo got on a dolphin and rode to Delphi. Another myth was that two eagles flew around the world and meet right above Delphi.
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