Sir Francis Drake

The discovery of South America


Francis Drake was born in Devonshire which is a county in England. Francis Drake had 11 siblings, as he was the oldest of them. Drake received some education, and he later learned the basics of navigation and seamanship and did some sailing near his home.


Francis Drake had many achievements, but I believe one of his greatest was discovering South America. Also he Raided and destroyed many Spanish settlements in the Caribbean. He also became Mayor of Plymouth in 1581, after being knighted by Queen Elizabeth. In 1587, On the orders of Queen Elizabeth, Drake attacks, and destroys, the Spanish Fleet at Cadiz.

Impact on Today

The voyages of Sir Francis Drake changed the world in two ways. The first way was when Drake raided the Spaniards and killed many of them. That was the reason for the Spanish war. Ever since, they’ve had a rivalry. Also, he impacted the world by sailing around the world. People were inspired by that, so they decided to follow.

Interesting Facts

  • Sir Francis Drake found alot of gold, cargo, and silver. Once he had to cut his journey short because he found so much gold, cargo, and silver!
  • Sir Francis Drake had a wife but no kids
  • His last voyage was in 1596. He died from a high fever, after losing a battle against Puerto Rico.