By: Hannah Kurt

My family and about me!!

In my family I live with my Mom (Tracy), dad (Doug), 2 brothers(Tyler and Caleb),and my sister(Megan). All of us kids are 2-2 1/2 years a part. It goes Tyler, Megan,Me, and Caleb. I also live with my 3 dogs, 6 cats,and a lot of cows.A couple things I like are animals, candy, some fruits, and some kinds of junk foods. Some of my hobbies are riding my bike around the farm, taking care of animals, and hanging out with my family.

About Me

Things I love to do are... I love to watch my cows and walk around my farm. I love to work on my farm because I get payed to do it and I get to spend my time with the calves and cows. Living on a farm is awesome because you get to explore things you didn't know about

What I want to be when I grow up

I want to be a vet when I grow up. The reason I want to be a vet is because I love animals and I want help animals. I don't like watching my animals die so I want to help animals and save them, so I can give them another chance to live and have a happy life.

Pictures of cows

Cow are everything to me

This is why I love farming

I love farming, for so many reasons. I love farming because I get to spend most of my time with the calves, cows,dogs,and cats. Farming means a lot to me because I was born on a farm and I also grew up on a farm. This is why I love farming