Third Grade Thoughts

Weekly News from Glenhope 3rd Grade! (Volume 16-17,Issue 12)

Heritage Day

Next Friday, November 18th is our Glenhope Heritage Day. On this day, we invite family members to come and speak to our class about their culture/heritage or their childhood memories. We like to learn how we are different and alike as well as how things have changed in our world over time.

Our Heritage Day speakers are invited to our rooms from 9:15-9:55 on Friday. Students have been working hard to write letters inviting family members and we appreciate your help in getting these letters in the right hands.

We can't wait to celebrate Heritage Day together!

Treats on Heritage Day

We plan to wrap up our afternoon on Heritage Day by watching "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving." We thought it would be nice if our kiddos could have a snack and drink during the movie. Please view the sign up below if you'd be willing to help us purchase the snacks and drinks. Thank you! :)

Glenhope Book Fair

The Glenhope Book Fair opens on Monday and will be open all of next week, closing on Friday afternoon. This week, our kiddos previewed the book fair and wrote a wish list of items. If they plan on purchasing books next week, you can send money with them to school and we will give them opportunities to go down to the book fair.

We are also having "Lunch with a Loved One" throughout the week. You or a loved one can come and have lunch with your child and shop at the Bookfair when you've finished lunch! This is a great way to get your child excited about reading and promote reading! Hope to see you at the Bookfair!

Also, if you stop into the book fair with your child, you might take a peek at the teacher "wish list!" :-)

Save the Date

Monday - Friday November 14th - 18th

-Book Fair

Friday, November 18th

-Heritage Day (speakers invited in classrooms from 9:15-9:55)

Monday - Friday November 21st - 25th

-Thanksgiving Break (no school)

You Say It's Your Birthday...

-Kiersten L. - 13th

-Olivia H. - 16th

How are we growing our brains next week?


-representing multiplication: repeated addition/number strings, arrays, and strip diagrams

**nightly Math HW - practice fun facts

**weekly Math HW (given out Monday, due on Friday)



-character traits

**nightly Reading HW - read for at least 20 min.




-using a thesaurus to use more interesting vocab

-letter & expository writing


-changes to Earth's surface (earthquakes, volcanoes, and landslides)

Social Studies:

-heroes who protect our freedoms

Growth Mindset & Grit: Perseverance

Here is the second installment of the Class Dojo perseverance video series.


Thanks to the generosity of our community, the GCISD bond was passed last spring. The district has been hard at work already implementing some of the items on the bond. You can continually check progress toward our bond spending, by going to this website:

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