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Quebec's Independence Movement

Quebec is trying to gain independence from the rest of Canada. This is because the majority of Quebec's population speaks French as a first language, and participates in French culture. The rest of Canada is English. So far Quebec has not split from Canada. In the years 1980 and 1995 the people of Quebec voted whether to secede or not to secede. Both times the majority of the votes were to stay in Canada. In the last vote that took place 49.4% voted to secede, while 50.6% voted to stay. While if they separate they will be able to separate the different ethnicities, there would also be disadvantages. If they secede, then they would not be part of N.A.F.T.A, and would have to make many new powerful alliances to protect them, in the event of a war. Their military would be small and weak. Also they have limited natural resources. There is also a scientific study that says that if Quebec was to break away from the rest of Canada, their economy would crash in a matter of 20 years.