The Megalodon Shark

By Luke Chayut

The Only Artifact

The extinct magalodon shark. Reaching up to 72 feet. THis question is how do we know that? How did we find out how ug the extinct megolodon shark is? Using something called a shark tooth ration, we can find that for ever inch of the tooth there is 10 feet on the shark. And you can imagine how bit the teeth are. The average is six feet. Did you know that the megalodon can bite with 20 tons of force? That's more force than any other animal on earth. The megalodons moth is usually at least 6 feet. If you put the amount of meg teeth we find to the amount of vertabrae it would be totally unfair. The teeth would win by thousands.

Alive or Not

Have you ever heard of Champ? Some people might now Champ as Nessie or The Lockness monster. The Lock Ness Monster sightings started back in the 1960's and stopped ten to twenty years later. Yet the Megalodon sightings haven't stopped yet.

Imagine your standing on your boat and a giant shadow passes underneath. Your first thought is "WHALE!" But wait, whales have spots on there back. You look even farther and you spot a whale spots and all. You see the dark shadow moving towards the whale. All the fins of the whale disappear along with a red shadow. Then the head of the whale disappears. That is how the Megalodon kills and eats.

Your sitting on a beach. It's a beautiful day. Aww, look at that school of fish. "Wait a second, thats to big to be a school of fish. A snake head appears and looks at you, except its not a snake. While you are running away you flash a picture. That was the story of the firs sighting of Nessie. But the Meg sightings have been continuous which leads us to believe that its more likely to be alive then Nessie.

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How old was the Megalodon

The Megalodon came after a serize of animals. 700 million years ago came inveryabraes then 200 million years later came the fish. 85 million years later came the first shark. The Megalodon only lasted 20 million years. compared to the Dinosuars thats nothing. The Megalodon died off 2 million years ago. Or did it. There have been a ton of Megalodon sightings. It turns out most Megalodon sightings are sightings of sharks that live very deep and rarely wake up from there very deep sleep. Although most Megalodon sightings are hoaxes some still remain unexplained. So that leaves us with one question. Is the Megalodon shark extinct? Or does it still roam the oceans at the depth of the ocean as apex preadetor just waiting for its humongous return.

Predator X V.S Megalodon

Predator X is a cross between an alligator and the Lockness monster. Believe it or not Predator X eats nessie daily. Weighing up to 50 tons, it prefers hunting near the top of the water. This animal is 50 feet long and there is no chance its swimming in our waters. The bite strength is unknown but probably very strong.

The Megalodon weighing up to 80 tons and measuring up to 70 feet. The bite strength of this animal is 4,000 pounds. The Megalodon has been ruling the ocean for 25 million years bu went extinct 2.6 million years ago. Or did it? The Megalodons mouth is so big it can swallow a school bus whole. IN conclusion the Megaladon is probably stronger than Predator X.

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How Did The Megalodon Die Out

As you know, the Megalodon went exinct 2.6 million years ago. But the question is how. Well, the Megalodons favorete meal was the Baleen Whale. At the time the Megalodon existed that whale was smaller and more vulnerable. As the whale grew bigger it became harder to eat. Along with that the whale moved into colder water. As a mater in fact the Megalodon survived in warmer water. This made it harder for the Megalodon to eat the whale. Plus the whale started moving faster and quicker in the water. That lead to the Megalodon to die of starvation.

Although 99.9 percent of studies says the Megalodon is long gone 10,000 simulations placed extinction to precent day. Or could it still be alive?