Improve Sales & Decrease Costs Using Better Broadband

Engage an independent expert adviser on the business use of broadband

The good news is that you do not have to travel to this event you can watch it via the Internet your desk or from your phone. But if you do want to attend the event they take place at the 14 Locks Visitor Centre between 2 and 2.30 pm every Tuesday. This event is sponsored by Newport City Council.

What is in it for you,,,

Case studies on how firms in your sector have benefited will be discussed. You will learn if your business can benefit in the same manner. You will leave the event with a understanding of the next steps for your business. The format of the event is a 20 minute briefing and 20 minute Q&A. To register Click Here.

What do you need to connect to this event via the internet?

1. Once you have signed up for the event you will be sent a web link. At the allotted time simple click on the link and you will see the experts presentation on your screen.

2. With the above web link you will have received a telephone number to call and an event ID. If you call that number and enter the event ID you will be able to hear the presenter and ask them questions during the Q&A session.

3. After the event if you want a copy of the slides simply complete the vents feedback form. It can be found by clicking this link