The Endangered Koalas



The Koalas are endangered. Koalas needs to be helped they are becoming roadkill a lot of the time and the the things they eat are becoming more rare by the year.

Chapter 1


The Koalas exclusively live is Australia. They like the cool shady tropical beaches were are plenty of trees to play in. They also like the tropical beaches because there is plenty of water to drink. Another reason is that is where there food grows. Also Australia is a good place for these koalas because there are plenty of natural resources to fit the koalas basic needs.


The Koala eats only Eucalyptus Leaves. There is something special because these leaves are poisonous to any other organism. They have special digestive system that can break apart the leave and separate the parts apart. The koalas have a unique way of making sure the get the right plant they have special censers that can detect the right plant for them to eat.


Some predators are Wedge tailed eagles, pythons and, gonna dingoes. These are the koalas only predators and the most fearsome of all. These predators are a problem to the koalas because one of its predators is a bird and the koala spends most of its time in the trees so that is a big problem. Another reason is that the pythons and dingoes ore on the land one the dingo can run fast and the python is very sneaky.

Interesting facts

1. Not bears just called that.

2.Nocturnal (sleep at day hunt at night)

2. Baby's called Joey's

3. 13-18 years females outlive males so max 20

4. Males sometimes fall out of trees fighting and die


I hope from reading this article that it will encourage you to help save the koalas. Also go to Australia and see one of these amazing creature's.


1 Natural resources - Something that you can get anywhere like trees they are natural resources

2 Fearsome - frightening, especially in appearance.

3 Exspesaily