1220 Newsletter

VW 5th Grade


Our first month of school was very busy. Thank you for your patience as we made the transition from a 5/6 split to a 5th grade class.

We welcomed new 5th graders into Room 1220, and I hope everyone is starting to feel like they belong and are starting to feel settled.

Now that we are starting to settle, I would like to begin meeting parents individually to conference about your child, how their year is starting and expectations for the rest of the year.

Please use the link below to schedule a conference during the month of September, or e-mail me Kturner@gusd.net.

As I stated in my back-to-school information, independent reading is an important daily practice. Daily reading practice is an extremely important daily homework assignment. Your fifth grader should be reading 30 minutes per night. Having access to books is an important part of this homework. Your child can find great books for free at the public library, and we will begin visiting the Verdugo Woodlands library as soon as it opens.

Another great resource for reading books is the Scholastic book orders.

Today I am sending home a set of book orders. Please feel free to order from the paper book orders or use the website to order online. More titles are available online! Directions to order online are on the homework website. http://vw1220.blogspot.com All book orders, paper and online, are due September 10, 2015.

Important Dates

September 4 No School

September 5 Labor Day No School

September 14-18 Scholastic Book Fair

September 25 Flag Assembly

Curriculum Update

Language Arts: We finished our first story "Line Drive" by Tanya West Dean. We were working on theme and using evidence from the text to support our answers. We will have a quiz on the story and a quiz using another story but practicing those standards, likely next week.

I am excited to begin Wordly Wise next week. This valuable program improves a student's vocabulary knowledge, which can increase his or her reading level. We are currently working on sentences, simple sentences, in preparation for improving our sentences by writing compound and complex sentences.

Math: We are continuing to work on Unit 1. We recently quizzed on multiplying and dividing by powers of 10 and writing and interpreting numerical expressions. We will continue Unit 1 with reading, writing, comparing and rounding decimals. I will also introduce coordinate grids. Then it will be onto Unit 2, multiplying and dividing whole numbers and fractions.

Social Studies: Students will take their Unit 1 test on Geography September 8.

Science: After studying cells, students are discovering plant transport systems. There will be a quiz September 10.

Grammar/Vocab/Tech: We have started with a discussion on sentences and will have a grammar quiz on sentences on September 14. Later, we will integrate technology into our grammar studies.

A Few Pictures to Start Our Year