What Makes A Hero



Learning about a persons life past can bring up many roots of an experience of a life time.

Strong women standing up and fighting to play softball. Come join me on an experience of a lifetime with my mom, Diane Hinze telling her amazing story of forming a softball league for girls. She tells us how she and a group of girls banned together and their journey through all the obstacles. An experience she will never forget.

Hero Definition Essay Intro

According to the Oxford dictionary, a hero is “a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.” A firefighter does not hesitate to rush into a burning house to save a family’s dog trapped inside the dangerous fire. The typical examples of heroes are soldiers who unselfishly go into battle, police officers who keep our community safe, and first responders who rush into help a community after a tornado or other natural disaster. Although being a true hero can also mean a person who cares about society and wants to make it a better place to live. Anyone can be a hero around the world. Whether it's helping one person or an entire community, or standing up for a cause or someone who overcomes personal struggles. Being a hero is a true form that can deeply affect each and every one of us. We can look to the actions and achievements of our personal heroes to give us strength and guidance to help us overcome life difficulties and challenges. A hero is someone who is there for others and gives them strength to go on through life’s difficulties.

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Gloria Steinem is a true hero because she helps others and gives them strength to plow through life's difficulties. She is a strong supporter of civil rights equality, especially in reproductive freedom/same sex marriage. Steinem was best known for her feminist activism after writing a column about women's rights in the New York Magazine and took part in a women's liberation movement in the 1960s and 70s. Steinem fits into the category of a hero because of her courageousness plus strength.

Research Essay Intro

Do citizens in today’s society know that women in the 1950’s did not have the same equal rights as women have today. In the 1950’s, women were considered to be inferior to men because people believed that a woman's place was working inside the house. Women couldn’t vote, weren’t allowed to have a job, open their own bank account and couldn’t run for president. Women should not be unequal because men need to realize that all women should be the same as men and be able to live their life freely as everyone else.

Reason why my Mom is my hero!- Extra Credit

My mom is my hero because she has always been here for me since I was adopted. She helped me have courage and strength for all the difficult things in life. Whenever I have a bad day she turns my day around. We have moved around a lot and every time I had to start a new school she gave me confidence into helping me achieve my goal. Also in school, she really wants me to be successful so I can a good life when I am an adult. So she pushes me in school to get good grades. That's why my Mom is considered to be my hero. So, thank you mom. Big shout out to you.
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