Shake 'n Steak

Nick Himmelberg 'n Tristian Schmitz

Six Business Activities

1. Generating ideas - Shake ‘n Steak aims to be a go-to source for homemade meals and hand grilled steak on the grill. We’ve scoured the areas of our businesses for similar restaurants, but none of our caliber can be located!

2. Raising Capital - Each of us have invested $100,000 to secure our business a large and clean building located in central Chicago.

3. Employee & Training - We’ve hired the best cooks and chefs our location can offer! Our waiters and waitresses are the fastest at what they do and have a 0% order mistake guarantee!

4. Buying Goods & Services - We personally tend to our own cattle, chickens, and pigs and avoid using herbicides and pesticides to keep that healthy, homemade taste to our cuts.

5. Marketing Goods & Services - High quality TV commercials will be aired on a lot of the commonly uses channels to show off our fine cuts and other meal choices.

6. Maintaining Business Records - In the back of the building we have a couple of high speed, extremely secure servers that automatically figure billing and income information as soon as you swipe your card or put your money into the register.


Shake n' Steak is a shared business between two people, Nick Himmelberg and Tristian Schmitz.

Advantages of a partnership are: Two people contribute to the investment, get expertise from more than 1 person, and each partner is responsible for the decisions made by all other partners

Disadvantages of a partnership are: no protection for personal assets, If a partner leaves or dies the partnership is dissolved, Good for people who share an idea about a business, want to cooperate in investment and managing, and/or share risks and rewards

First Year Business Goals

Establish and reach our target market

Determine short and long-term goals

See financial growth

Have a determined and happy workforce

Improve our technology

Our Mission

our mission is to make sure that everyone who comes into Shake ’n Steak gets to try some of our legendary shakes and some of our fresh and tender steaks.