Madison Middle School

Weekly Update: October 26, 2020

Principal's Message

Dear Madison Families,

Wow, what a successful start to week one for both Virtual and Classic school! It was fantastic to see and interact with our Mustangs in the Classic model! Our Virtual students were able to settle in with the block schedule seamlessly with their teachers.

Our staff has been working hard to create and maintain deep relationships with our students in both programs. We are hearing great news from families that their students are being successful both academically and social emotionally in both models.

We appreciate your support and flexibility as we continue to run two programs. All of our staff members have been working hard as they reimagine their work as our circumstances continue to change. Our Madison families are truly lucky to have such a dedicated staff (100 plus) who work tirelessly each day to meet the needs of our students.

Have a great week!!!

Health & Safety

Rainy Day Protocols for Secondary Schools

When it rains, Madison has very little space that is covered where students can take shelter. This is also the case for the other Middle Schools and High Schools here in VUSD.

In the case that there is rain predicted, the following protocols will be followed for the Classic Program.

  • We will pivot all middle and high schools to virtual learning if there is a 30% or greater chance of rain.

  • We will be using a 48-hour notification procedure for parents and students if we shift Vista Classic students from in-person to virtual for the rainy day or days.

  • We do not have a rain day identified at the moment; however, we will notify all middle and high school parents 48 hours before we implement a rainy day schedule.

  • This pertains only to secondary students; elementary students will continue to be on campus with Vista Classic on rainy days.

Character Strong, Don't be a part of the 72, & Red Ribbon Week Activities

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Counseling Corner

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After school tutoring will begin later this week. Students will have both a choice between being in person or virtual. We will be offering Math, ELA and study skills tutoring multiple days in the week. Dates and times will be sent out in an all call later this week.


District News

We encourage all families to stay updated with VUSD school reopening information on the VUSD School Reopening Webpage.

In addition, many questions can be answered in the Districts School Reopening FAQ document.

Dr. Doyle's latest Community Update can be found here !


Previous News

Principal's Message

Dear Madison Families,

Thank you Madison Families for your patience as we get ready for reopening. Madison staff has been working hard in the background on opening for Madison Classic School. We will continue to share information as we get it.

On Tuesday, October, 20th Classic students return to school and Virtual students remain virtual. Gates open at 8:00 am and breakfast will be served to all students. Both Classic and Virtual classes start promptly at 8:30 am. Both Classic and Virtual students will follow the new A/B block schedule (see below). We look forward to starting the block and seeing our students both face to face and virtually.

It is imperative that our entire Madison community follow clear expectations so that we can return as safely as possible. These expectations will include procedures and requirements for the following:

  • wearing of face masks
  • arrival and dismissal
  • one directional hallways during passing periods and lunch
  • social distancing inside and outside of the classroom
  • lunch procedures
  • bringing their charged Chromebook* and personal supplies every day
  • practicing safe hygiene, including washing hands frequently and using hand sanitizer when entering classrooms
  • daily health screening of your student

*If your child needs to check out a Chromebook to use at school, you may pick one up at the Madison library Monday through Friday from 8 am - 12 pm or 1 pm - 3 pm.

To help our students understand and follow these expectations, we will be sharing a Madison COVID-19 Student Agreement that we will ask parents to read and students to sign. We really want to see our students, and we definitely want to see them safely! We will also be covering these important details in the first few days of in-person learning once Classic students are on campus with us. The first week of school we will be taking student temperatures. Our Madison Covid-19 Prevention Plan is posted on our Madison Health and Safety website for your reference, along with other important documents.

We will need our families to be partners in these efforts to keep everyone safe by reinforcing these requirements and by ensuring that if students are showing ANY symptoms of COVID-19, they must not come to school.

To support our staff at school, we have implemented many precautions as well, including providing the following:

  • Masks for each staff member
  • Daily self-screening for each staff member and daily temperature checks
  • Hand sanitizer for each Classic classroom
  • Hand soap and paper towels for each restroom and rooms with sinks
  • Six new hand-washing stations around campus
  • Cleaning supplies for every teacher if they choose to wipe down common areas or desks
  • Regular sanitizing throughout the day of restrooms and common areas
  • Isolation plans for anyone showing symptoms on campus
  • Air purifiers in classrooms without windows

We will continue to cover and share information with our students and families as we get it so that we can be sure everyone understands procedures.

As always, reach out for any questions and or concerns you may have.


Block Schedule starts Tuesday 10/20

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Before You Leave Home

Check your child for the following non-chronic or non-previously reported pre-existing symptoms:

  • Fever (>100 degrees)

  • Cough

  • Congestion, runny nose (non-allergy related)

  • Sore throat

  • Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea

  • Chills

  • Fatigue

  • Muscle or body aches

  • Headache

  • New loss of taste or smell

  • Shortness of breath

If you/your child has any of these symptoms, stay home and have a parent call the office at: 760-940-0176

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6th Grade Tour 2020-21


Please Bring Water bottles Each Day!

MMS and VUSD have suspended the use of drinking fountains and are encouraging students to bring water bottles to school. Water bottles will be allowed to be refilled using our bottle filling stations.


Morning Drop Off, Afternoon Dismissal and Bus Info

Morning Drop Off

In order to ensure that our students are socially distanced at drop-off and pick-up, we have created new guidelines and procedures.


Drop-off will start at 8:00am. Buses will arrive between 8:00am-8:25am.

Bus Drop Off

  • Buses will be unloaded one-at-a-time and students need to walk to their assigned gate.

  • All students must be wearing a face covering while on and upon exiting their bus.

  • After students enter the campus, they will go to the quad area. If a student eats breakfast at school, they will walk directly to the cafeteria for a “grab and go” breakfast.

  • Students must stay in the quad and cafeteria area until 8:20 am at which time they may begin to move to their 1st class of the day.

Parent Drop Off

  • Parents must use the main/staff parking lot to drop off students no earlier than 8:00am

  • All students must be wearing a face covering upon exiting their/the drop-off vehicle.

  • If a student is dropped off/arrives before 8:00am. Social distancing must be adhered to.

Student Entering Campus

As students exit the drop-off vehicle, they need to walk directly to the assigned gate. See pic below

  • 6th Graders Enter Main Gate (Orange)

  • 7th Graders Enter North Gate (blue)

  • 8th Graders Enter Fire Lane (Hot Pink)

After students enter the campus, they will go to the quad area . If a student eats breakfast at school, they will walk directly to the cafeteria for a “grab and go” breakfast. Students must stay in the quad and cafeteria area until 8:20 am at which time they may begin to move to their 1st class of the day.

***Visitors are not allowed on campus at this time. Parents/Guardians will not be allowed into school buildings unless there is a special circumstance or an appointment has been made. Any attendance issues can be addressed via email or a phone call. If there is an issue or concern please call the main office at 760-740-0176.

Late Arrivals

  • All students must be wearing a face mask upon exiting their drop-off vehicle.

  • Families are required to send a note with their child explaining why they are late.

  • Any student who arrives after school has started will enter the school via the front door of the main office.

  • The student will check-in with attendance, get a late pass, and go directly to their class.

  • At this time visitors will not be allowed on campus. Parents/Guardians will not be allowed into school buildings unless there is a special circumstance or by appointment only. If there is an issue or concern please call the main office at 760-740-0176.

Drop Off Map & Hallway Directions- Large

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Afternoon Dismissal

Buses will arrive and dismissal will begin at 3:08 pm. Classrooms will be grouped into small groups and students will be dismissed one area group at a time.

Dismissal Plan: Just like last year we will not have a dismissal bell.

500’s will be released at 3:02 - Front Main Gates (Orange)

300’s will be released at 3:05 - Front Main Gates (Orange)

400’s will be released at 3:08 - North Gate (blue)

PE and 100’s will be released at 3:08 - Fire Lane (Hot Pink)

  • Maximizes social distancing and minimizes contact between students, staff and parents.

  • Maximizes the number of exit points from the campus while maintaining student safety.

  • Establishes plans to prevent/minimize the congregation of students on campus or near campus at the end of each day.

Buses: students will go directly to their bus. Face masks must be worn at all times.

Pick up: students will go directly to the pick up vehicle or, if needed, wait on the grass in front of the band room or outside the front gates while maintaining social distance and wearing a face mask at all times. Parents must wait in their vehicles for their students.

Walking home: All students are expected to exit campus safely and follow all health and safety protocols (masks/social distancing) while walking home.

Afternoon Dismissal Map - Large

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School buses will be available for students who qualify per district boundaries (see below); the following protocols must be adhered to in order to utilize VUSD transportation. Please note that social distancing guidelines will be followed as much as possible but cannot be guaranteed. Should you have questions, please contact transportation.

Students who live two miles away or more from the school, may apply for school bus transportation. For more information please call transportation at 760-726-2170 ext. 92804.

For students who choose to ride the bus to and/or from school:

  • Face masks will be required at all times. If a student forgets their face mask, one will be provided for them. If a student refuses to wear a face mask, they will not be permitted to enter or ride the bus. It is the parents/guardians responsibility to know this before they arrive at the bus stop.

  • Buses will be loaded from back to front in accordance with current county and public health guidelines. A seating arrangement that fits these guidelines will be put in place.

  • All buses will be disinfected according to CDPH guidelines before and after each and every daily run.

  • Buses have appropriate ventilation and windows and roof hatches will be partially open, when weather permits.

  • All school bus drivers will wear face masks; this includes any additional VUSD staff who may be on the bus and this could also include gowns or gloves, if deemed necessary.


Health Office News

Per Vista Unified School District: All missing immunizations are due by 10/20/2020 in order to remain active in class. Vaccinations include Tdap vaccine for all incoming 7th graders and all incoming students must have 2 Varicella vaccines. Please provide proof of vaccines to the Health Office. Parents may call the Health Office with questions or concerns.


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Band Update

Due to current state guidelines from the California CDC, all wind instruments are not allowed to be played on school campus. As a result, students should NOT bring their instruments to school until further notice. This includes percussion. Instead, instruments will need to remain at home in order to complete various homework assignments delivered through Canvas. In person instruction will be focused on preparing students for completing their homework as well as various fundamentals such as music theory, keyboard instrument skills, music history, and team building, among others.

Please contact Mr. Squibb with any questions or concerns.


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Older news

Classic School Update

Classic Student Information: This is not an exhaustive list. More details will be sent in next weeks Smore.

  • ALL students will be required to wear a mask when on campus at all times. The only exception is when eating or drinking.
  • Students will move classes period by period as usual.
  • Students will be distanced from each other to the furthest extent possible.
  • Class size will not exceed 34.
  • We may not be able to maintain social distancing between students at all times.
  • Students will eat at designated tables and areas at lunch and breakfast.
  • We will NOT be checking students' temperatures each day; rather, we will be monitoring students for any symptoms and referring them to our nurse's office if they present any signs of illness.
  • Any student showing symptoms consistent with Covid-19 that are not due to a documented pre-existing condition will be quarantined, and parents will be asked to pick their student up immediately.
  • Chrome Books will go back and forth from home to school every day.
  • Students are required to charge their Chromebook each night.
  • We are recommending students to bring their charger every day since teachers will not have extra chargers in their classrooms.
  • Students will NOT be sharing supplies i.e., pencils, pencil sharpeners, scissors, crayons, colored pencils white board markers, rulers, etc...Supplies will need to be stored in their backpacks.

As a district, we are following San Diego County Office of Education guidance on how to respond to and prevent any potential Covid-19 infections on campus. We are utilizing their decision tree to guide us in responding to students who present symptoms consistent with Covid-19. Please be aware that in some cases, students with symptoms that match Covid-19 may be required to stay at home for 10 or more days. Please review this decision tree to better understand the process we will follow for maintaining a healthy school for students and staff.

As always, reach

Just in case you missed our 'Next Level' virtual assembly! Building a Caring Community: Leadership skills, Self Value, Self Worth and Community!!!

Madison Isaac Butts
Click here: Counseling Request Form y en Español

Do you need to speak to your counselor? Do you need to access other resources? If so, click this button! We are here to help!



Fall 2020 School Meals

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Parent Corner

October 10, 2020, is World Mental Health Day.

From Child Mind Institute:

This year, World Mental Health Day is more meaningful than ever. The stress and uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic, the global civil rights movement, and the everyday struggles we’re all facing at home prompt us to look for new ways to prioritize mental health for our families and ourselves.

I am attaching the CMI tip sheet for managing stress & anxiety.

Stay safe and healthy everyone, and enjoy the weekend.

Glenn Bortnick, Psy.D.


Vista Unified School District


District Updates

We encourage all families to stay updated with VUSD school reopening information on the VUSD School Reopening Webpage. Reminder: All VUSD students will begin the year with Distance (Online Learning) for at a minimum of 6 weeks.

In addition, many questions can be answered in the Districts School Reopening FAQ document.

Dr. Doyle's latest Community Update can be found HERE as well.


Older News

From our Chromebook Hospital

  • Test your Chromebook
  • Double check that your Chromebook is charged
  • Test your Login to ensure you can get on to Cloud Connect

Cant log on or forgot your password?

  • If you are locked out of your Chromebook and can't reset the password, use a phone or other device to go on-line to VUSD Cloud Connect. Using your 9-digit student ID you can RESET your password there. CLICK HERE
  • Need more help? Click here for the Chromebook Hospital

Have a great evening and please feel free to visit the Vista Unified website, the Madison website or call the school at 760-940-0176 if you need additional information.


Mr. Bailey