Fun summer


Best story ever

I went to Flordia for 2 weeks and had fun. I went to Nevada. I also broke up my girlfriend and i thought it was funny because she said she liked someone else. I also wrestled in Wyoming. I went to the pool alot. I spent the night with Eli Staats at his lease.

I feel like it was the best summer ever. I went to Indiana. When i went to Indiana I went to go cart place and had fun. When i went to Nevada i wrestled and i got 3 and 4 place and i was happy. I got 300 dollars to and i have already spent all of it.

I wrestled in Dodge City and i ot 1 place. I went to cades house and spent the night and we walked to walmart at 11:00 at night. And also went to Blakes house and walked to his sister house. I played flashlight tag and had fun. And hurt a kid.