U.S. Seal Survivor!

Us Navy Seal survives horrible tragedy in Afghanistan.

Written By: Sean Morris November 30, 2015

Operation Redwing

In June of 2005 "Operation Redwing" was meant to take out a wanted terrorist suspected of killing Marines in the mountains of Afghanistan, but instead it came crashing down when 3 of its 4 Navy Seals were killed in action by Taliban insurgents. Marcus Luttrell "The Lone Survivor" lives to tell the tale and honors his fallen friends and comrades while doing so.

Further Details

Marcus Luttrell and his comrades and fellow Navy Seals, Matt, Mike and Dan were in Afghanistan to perform "Operation Redwing". Their mission was to capture or kill Taliban commander Ahmad Shah who was suspected of murdering twenty plus Marines. Marcus and Matt were snipers and Mike and Dan were the spotters. Their mission was to get a visual on Shah, but their position was compromised.

They ran into a group of sheep herders and captured them. The Seals had an intense and heartfelt quarrel and made the collective hard decision to let the herders go and within a very short time they were surrounded by at least 200 Taliban soldiers, intent on hunting them down. They were behind cover with the Taliban closing in when Marcus made the decision to take the first shot. As the firefight went on sadly all three of Marcus's friends were killed in action and Marcus while being severely wounded was the only survivor. His friend, Mike Murphy, sacrificed himself to save the others by going up on a cliff and calling for help. The Taliban killed him and the last thing he said to Marcus was "Your never out of the fight."

Marcus escaped the mountains and is discovered by a friendly Afghan tribesman named Mohammad Gulab. According the the ancient law of Afghani tribes it was Mohammad's duty to help Marcus. He takes Marcus to his village and brings him into his home. Mohammad knew that Marcus was not safe because the Taliban were relentless so he decided to take him to a cave in the mountains. After approximately thirty plus hours the United States Army Rangers rescued Marcus and conveyed him to the nearest hospital. Marcus humorously brings up in an interview after the tragic events that he was low key happy because he did not want to show weakness and emotion in to the Army Rangers because they are rivals. For Marcus's stout actions he received a Purple Star and a Navy Cross. To this day Marcus is still best friends with Mohammad Gulab.

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Marcus Luttrell

Marcus Luttrell was born on November 7, 1975 in Huston, Texas. Marcus enlisted into the United States Navy in 1999 and attended the BUD/S program meaning Basic Underwater Demolition/ Seals. After he graduated the BUD/S he was shipped off to Fort Bragg, North Carolina. There he had extensive training and excelled in the medical classes. Marcus describes in the book, "Lone Survivor" how he wrote it not out of self glorification but he wrote it to honor his fallen comrades.

Your Never Out of the Fight

Earlier in this article I brought up the quote "Your never out of the fight." I think this plays a enormous role in the plot of the story. I think this because it just shows how Marcus lived up to that thought from his dying comrade and he never gave up. Whenever he faced adversity he faced it head on and persevered through it all and in the end lived to tell the tale and honor his friends. This is important to the characters because they are Navy Seals and that is a motto that every single one of them live by each and every day. This applies to the theme because the story is about a person never being out of the fight and making it through some of the toughest obstacles mentally and physically anyone has ever faced. The irony of this quote was that right after Mike Murphy said those words to Marcus he passed. This foreshadowed future events in the story because it was very emotional and I could tell how serious Marcus felt about it and how he was inspired to not give up and to survive after his friend's dying words..