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Morning Dances-personification

The morning dances so fast i wake up with at dawn and the morning is gone.

It is just like it ran a way.

I dont even know it is there.

it did not like to stay so it ran away.

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Every tuesday i beat up my brother not good when hes a freshman in high school and six foot tall.

I get put on the ground in five seconds its not fun at all i allways lose. i hate it but fun not laying on the ground running from him and not dead.I look like a skinny stick with a beetle on it. he looks like a gorrila compared to me.

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My mother makes macaroni.

My mothers macaroni make martians moo.

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Pumpkin Pie-imagery

The smellfull goodness.

Its what we all want,The pumpkin pie.

We have it for thanksgiving or just for fun.

All we would give for pumpkin pie.