Internet Safety

watch out for bad people

How To Be Safe On The Internet

If your on your email and some random person sends you a email asking how old are or where do you live just ignore them and continue talking with your friend or whoever you are talking to.You shouldn't talking to them because the can get your personal information and if they do get it they take you away from your family or they might take your personal information and steal money from your bank account.All the people who send you random emails and you don't know who they are just ignore or you can tell a adult you trust like your parents or uncle or aunt.


Netiquette means to always be nice when your online.You should always be nice to people online because if you swear at them the could report you and you could be not allowed to play online with your friends or someone else.If someone swears at you first ignore them or just report them so they will not be mean to anyone else ever again.