Censorship and Banned Books

By: Q, Dayhanara, and Natalie

Why are books censored or banned?

Books are censored or banned for many reasons like
  • sexual explicitness
  • offensive language
  • unsuited to an age group
  • promotion of homosexuality
  • promotion of a religious viewpoint
  • occult themes
  • violence
  • nudity
  • racism
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What are some organizations doing to help promote the reading of banned books?

  • The American Booksellers Association, and a variety of other groups.
  • Banned Books Week (Sept 27- Oct 3) liberates the first amendment
  • Right to freedom of speech, which includes the right to read and write books that are considered unorthodox or controversal
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How frequently does Of Mice and Men appear on banned book lists?

  • The book has been nominated every year since 2000- 2015
  • The book ranks 6th on American Library Association list
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As you can see book censoring and banning has become very common in numerous schools and libraries across the United States. They can be censored or banned because of matter of opinion mostly by parents of the students reading that particular book. The book Of Mice and Men is a popular candidate for the banned books list, being on it every year since 2000. Therefore associations like the American Booksellers Association and Banned Books Week help promote those books so people have the chance to read them and make their own opinion about that book.
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Censored and Banned Books: From John Steinbeck to Dr. Seuss