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October Staff Birthdays

Oct. 1 Amber Patin

Oct. 4 Kelsey Gunia

Oct. 6 Susie White

Oct. 7 Darren Menendez

Oct. 11 Vanitha Krishnaraj

Oct. 15 Kiki Evans

Oct. 17 Pam Echols

Oct. 22 Pam Gentry

Oct. 23 Blaine Harwell

Oct. 24 Alicia Jahnke

Oct. 31 Lisa Patterson

The Way We Work: Professional Learning Community Essentials

3 Big Ideas of a PLC


We acknowledge that the fundamental purpose of our schools is to help all students achieve high levels of learning, and therefore, we are willing to examine all our practices in the light of their impact on learning.


We are committed to working together to achieve our collective purpose of learning for all. Collaborative teams will be inclusive and work interdependently with all departments to meet the needs of each student.


We assess our effectiveness on the basis of results rather than intentions. Individuals, teams, and schools seek relevant data and information and use that information to promote continuous improvement.

Important Information

Tutoring Permission Forms 2015-16

Tutoring permission forms can be found on the shared drive in the Tutoring folder; please use this pathway to locate this form.

Shared:Teachers:2015-16: Tutoring Folder

Team Leaders Notes

Here is the link for Instructional Team Leader Meeting Notes. These notes are also located on the shared drive for future reference.

Sub Folders

*If you have not turned in your sub folder to Tina, please submit your folder to Tina by this Friday, September 25.

TBSI Modules:

  • If you are new to Sem, you will need to complete the TBSI modules and submit your certificate to Ashley Miller by October 15th. Please use the Region 4 link to access these modules. Region 4/ Professional Development/ TBSI

504 Module:

  • Remember to complete the 504 training by October 1st and submit your certificate either by email or paper copy to Ashley Young.

Hoppin' and Poppin' Into Next Week

Please follow "B" Week for the duty schedule.

This is the week to change out bulletin boards outside of your classroom. The beginning of year items such as student names should be replaced with current student work on your bulletin board.

Monday, September 28

  • Grades are due Monday 8:00

Tuesday, September 29

  • Grade 3 Name and Need Meeting
  • Grade 3- 5 Curriculum Night

Wednesday, September 30

  • Literacy Assessments Due today
  • BoosterThon Fun Run
  • Grade 4 Name and Need Meeting
  • Katie Page's Wedding Shower

Thursday, October 1

  • Required Compliance Trainings Due
  • Grade 5 Name and Need Meeting
  • Front Office Staff Meeting - 3:15
  • Sped Team Meeting 3:15
  • Ashley Young off campus - Counselor conference

Friday, October 2

  • Sembly
  • T-TESS Goal Setting Due
  • Study Hall Forms should be updated and saved on the shared drive in your grade level folder
  • Classroom Bulletin Boards should be updated with current student work by today
  • StuCo Workshop
  • Ashley Young off campus - Counselor conference