Technology Tuesday

Weeks of 05/06 and 05/13

Techie's of the Week

Week of 05/06

7th Grade History Teachers: Forbes, Waddell, and Richardson - our 7th grade Texas History Teachers worked with Ms. Lott on a fun way to review for their final exam using QR Codes. QR Codes were placed out in the hall that went to the answers on the final exam review. Students had to scan the QR code and find where the answer went on their review sheet to double check their work. Students were having fun checking their work because they were using technology!

Week of 05/13

Ms. Margulies: Ms. Margulies is having her students create a Hero's e-Journey. Students are finding a map on free to use or share images, then they are utilizing ThingLink to link to outputs that tell the Hero's story. The links can be to a fake tweet from a character, a magazine cover, a fake text, an animated video etc.

Honorable Techie of the Week (This is one I missed in the past)

Ashley Pickens: Ms. Pickens had students create video "labels" for every day items. The videos have students signing the word for that particular item. The videos were uploaded to YouTube and students created QR codes that link to the videos. The labels can be placed on everyday items like a table, or pencil sharpener, and when the QR code is scanned, students can learn the sign for that particular item.

Technology Tuesday Tool

Biteslide - Biteslide: Digital Slidebooks for student creativity, self-expression, and imagination.

Going Google

Volume 15

Volume 15

Tip 1: Save to Drive Extension

Tip 2: Show/Hide Label if Unread

Tip 3: Google Keep

Badges Update

12 Badges This Week

Techie of the Week

  • Forbes
  • Richardson
  • Waddell
  • Margulies
  • Pickens

Tuesday Technology Tool Level 1: (Tried a Tuesday Tech Tool)

  • Margulies -trying out Thinglink

Tuesday Technology Tool Level 2: (Had students use a Tuesday Tech Tool)

  • Margulies -using ThingLink in class
  • Jones - utilizing Socrative in class
  • Nissim - utilizing Socrative in class
  • Ashley -utilizing Socrative in class

Spark: (show another staff member a cool tool they can use)

  • Pazos: showed Dempsey Thinglink and KidBlog

Power Up (received at least 5 badges)

  • Margulies

(Just a reminder, for every badge, you will get a ticket and on the last day of school, we will have a drawing for a good prize-not sweets!) Keep telling me what you guys are doing with technology!