Math Message

September Edition

Welcome Back!

Hi Mathematicians, and welcome to the 2015-2016 school year!

I am sending out a monthly newsletter to share any new information, updates and/or resources. Since we will not get together face to face like last year, this will be one way to stay in touch. As always, you can reach me by email or through your campus Liaison. You can also follow me on twitter @gcisdMelanie or look for the hashtag #gcisdMath!

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What's new?

Math Assessments

Math assessments will be different this year.

In Kindergarten, you will keep the same unit assessments and still report students' progress in Eduphoria and on the SBG report card and checklist that has been updated for 2015-2016.

In First grade, you will move from 9 week assessments to Unit Assessments. You should have received an email from Jennifer Hylemon, with access to the assessments and instructions for use. You will still record the data in DMAC like last year by using the test key provided. You will also report student progress on the SBG report card that has been updated for this year.

For 2nd-5th, you will be moving to Unit Assessments. A team of teachers and instructional coaches has been working hard this summer and will be throughout the school year to write TEKS based unit assessments. You should have received an email with directions for accessing these and information on recording the data in DMAC from Jennifer Hylemon.

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We are pleased to announce that the Math department in concert with Southlake-Carroll ISD worked this summer and will continue to collaborate this year on writing progress monitors for math RtI. Each elementary grade will have access to progress monitors for computational fluency and for problem solving. Your campus Liaison will have more information and can provide training or schedule one of us to come to a PLC to share information about expectations, administering the probes, and scoring.

If you click on the title "What about RtI?" it should link you to the personalized learning page with more info.

Will we still use Istation?

Yes, Istation will still be used as the Universal Screener for K-5. The math section has been updated to include assessments for K-5 as well as content/instruction for Pre-K--1st that was missing last year. The district only needs you to report data for BOY (beginning of year), MOY (middle of year), and EOY (end of year) even though Istation now will prompt students with an assessment at the beginning of each month like reading. Also note, that norms for Istation were recently updated so please check the criteria list and make sure you have the most up to date information.

New resources

I can count to 100!

Several teachers have asked about locating a 100s chart and an 120 chart. It has been added to all of the grade level collaboration folders in Google drive as well as a link in the curriculum maps for K-building numbers to 10 and to 20; 1st-Number sense to 50, 99, and 120; 2nd-2 digit place value.

Some great ideas shared by your colleagues for using these charts:

1. Glue inside your interactive notebooks for reference

2. Make into a Workstation by cutting apart (by rows of 10, by 2s, by 1s, and in random chunks), laminate, and have students build it back.

3. Cover up numbers and have students fill in the missing number or work with a partner and give clues.

4. Use number cards and build a "wacky" 100s chart on the floor with a small group or partners.

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Coming Soon...

Math Book Study for Elementary teachers

For interested teachers, we will be launching a book study for elementary math teachers soon! In the October edition of this newsletter, I will reveal the book and format for our first book study! You don't want to miss it!
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