Andrew Jackson

A common man turned hero of his people

War History

Jackson was a general in the army, and after the war of 1812, he won the Battle of New Orleans. This battle was a big deal for us, because the British had a big, powerful army, but we defeated them! That practically ensured that no country would mess with America for a while. This battle earned Jackson his nickname, Old Hickory.

"Jacksonian Democracy"

No longer was the rich, white man the only one who could vote! You didn't have to own land, you just had to be a man. This changed the demographic that candidates had to appeal to. And also gave people who weren't rich landowners a chance to be a part of politics.

Killing the National Bank

Now, this action didn't have the best outcome, but Jackson really thought that he was helping the people. He felt that the bank discriminated against the common man, and only catered to the whims of the rich and powerful. He believed that getting rid of the National Bank would make life better, and even though it caused an economic scare a few years later, it wasn't meant to be harmful.

Andrew Jackson Killing the National Bank

This political cartoon is made by someone who supported Jackson. This cartoon portrays Jackson as a hero, killing off a threat (the National Bank) to the common man. He had believed that the Bank was corrupt and would only give loans to those who were rich vs people who probably needed them.

Andrew Jackson Video