Benjamin Franklin

Early Life

Born January 17 1706 in Boston MA, one of 17 children, taught himself to read and write, when he was 10 his schooling stopped. When he was 12 his older brother taught him how to print on a machine. When he was 17 he ran away to seek fortune in Philadelphia. He owned a printing shop and printed stuff for the government and any other things when Great Britain came to america he was appointed so that he made all the newspapers. Had one son who died of small pox and a daughter.


Bifocals- Glasses but two lenses

Lightning rod- would direct lightning away from the house so it wouldn't catch on fire

Odometer- Tells how far his carriage rides were from Boston to Philadelphia

Long arms- used so when he couldn't reach a book he used it to get it for him

Swim Fins- used that to swim faster in the water and attached to hands

Contributes to America

He help make the constitution of America and signed the treaty of Paris after the war and went to Paris to seek there help for the war. Contributed his inventions like the bath and the long arm and lighting rod, and after he died his will gave money to Philadelphia and Boston to build educational; things like hospitals and schools.

Poor Richard Almanac

Hunger never saw bad bread- saying how if your starving then any type of food you would eat.The poor have little, beggars none, the rich too much,enough not one- not any one of them will have enough stuff. The poor have little, beggars none, the rich too much,enough not one- don't judge someone by how they look or sound like its about how they act and whats inside