Campus Information

From the desk of Beckie Webster

Thank you for keeping the focus on student learning:

Thank you to Deanna Natera who is always looking at what is best for our students at every grade level. We have hired someone new it seems like every week and she has done a tremendous job at getting them students to support. In team meetings yesterday, I heard how wonderful it is to have the support of her team inside and outside of the classroom-Thank you Deanna!

I want to thank our Academic Leaders for their work and dedication to your teams and our students. They have done an amazing job this year keeping us all on track with student learning with Bridges, PLC time, Flex., creating an environment to gain feedback about our systems, always looking for ways to improve and the love for what they do! Thank you to Yvette Venegas, Yisbeth Puckett, Heather Keller, Elissa Coggin, Ashlea Springer, Katie Gutmann and Leah Lambert.