By: Alex Finn # of pages: 294 Copy Right Date: 2007


Beastly by Alex Finn is a fantasy because of the characters it has in it and the story is about how a popular boy gets turned into a beast by a witch. Which makes it a fantasy.


The author of Beastly is Alex Finn. Two other popular books he has written are Breathing underwater, and Breaking Point. Unfortunately I have not read any other books by this author, but i loved this book so much i probably will soon.


Beastly is about a mean, popular guy getting punished for his actions by a witch. After treating everyone badly because of the way they look the witch turns him into a hideous looking beast. Throughout the book he has to find someone to love him for what is inside and not his looks. His father sends him to a mansion with their maid and a tutor so that no one will see him. Then one night when a druggy breaks into Kyle's house he makes a deal with the robber to bring his daughter to his house. He then receives the girl and they get to know each other throughout the story, but then he ends up letting her go because of her father. When Kyle see's her her being attacked by a man he rushes over and gets shot in the process. After he falls to the ground and asks for a kiss from Linda, the spell is broken and he and Linda live in the mansion.
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Protagonist and Antagonist?

In this story there are two main characters who are both the protagonist and antagonist. For a while Kyle is the antagonist because of his bad attitude, rudeness, selfishness, and only cares about looks and money, but then changes to the antagonist because throughout the story his attitude completely changes and is so much kinder and friendlier.

For a while Kendra, the witch, is the antagonist because she put a spell on Kyle and made his life hard, but when you think about it she is also the protagonist because she did it for a good reason and taught Kyle a lesson that made him a great person in the end.

Conflict and Resolution

The main conflict in the story begins with Kyle being a huge jerk to people who aren't like him and don't have money and good looks, so Kendra turns him into a hideous beast who has to find someone to love him before time runs out and he is stuck like this forever and can never get out into public with friends and family. The conflict is resolved when a drug addicted man gives his daughter to Kyle and they become closer and closer throughout the story, and by the end when he goes to save her he is shot. Kyle kindly asks Linda if she will kiss him, and she does, and the spell is broken.


" It's not fair to keep her as my prisoner. She hasn't done anything wrong. She should have freedom to do as she pleases, to have her own life, to walk around in the stupid, stinking snow." This is an important quote because it shows that Kyle is finally changed and has major feeling for Linda and feels that he is doing the wrong thing and should let her go. It shows that he is thinking about the saying " If you love something, set it free." and he loves her so he wants to let her go.

Changes for the protagonist

The protagonist, Kyle, changes very much. In the beginning he is rude, hateful, and cares all about what people have and how they look, but in the end after he has gone through things that people he was rude to before have to go through his whole attitude changes. He is kind, cares nothing about looks, or money, and falls in love with a girl he would've never been with before and loves her not just to use her.
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The main theme of this book is to treat all people the same, and not differently because of the things they have or don't have. Don't treat people differently because of looks and money.

How does Beastly apply to me?

This book applies to me because I'm not going to lie, I sometimes also judge people by looks and what they have, but I have been working on my attitude and have started to change and now have a lot more friends than what i used to because of how much nicer i am.


I would definitely recommend this book to everyone! It's an amazing book that teaches you a good life lesson about how to treat others who aren't always going to be like you.