Looking for Alaska

By: John Green

Book Review:

This book is about a boy named Miles who has been living a not-so-much fun life. He decides to move to a boarding school. He was very excited because this school was where his dad once attending, and his dad told him many good things about this school. Mile's number one goal was to make new friends and have fun, and so he did. He meets a guy who ends up becoming his best friend, he was named Colonel. He also met a girl who caught his eye at the very first day he moved. Her name was Alaska, it was just like love at first sight. It was all fun and games for a huge period of time until one day horrible news was told . . . Alaska died in a car crash. The last thing she ever told Miles was "To be continued" which left Miles wonder-less. He ended up becoming very depressed. After enough grieving, Miles ends up realizing Alaska is in a better place, and he should continue his life but never forget Alaska. It was such an amazing book, that I think made many people feel as if they were in Miles position when Alaska passed away.
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