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Parents -

Just a very quick note this week.

Monday there is a presentation honoring Coretta Scott King. We got so excited today about the presentation, that we did not read all the 'fine print'. So I wanted to let you know a Children's Theater group will be performing the presentation. I hope many of you are able to attend!

Grades - Grades are completely up to date. Please check in with your student. There are many with grades that need discussion.

Like to Sew and Would Like to Teach???

We are going to begin collecting soaps and items for our homeless kits. The students also wanted to sew drawstring bags to place the items in, so those who receive the items would have a nice, lasting, small bag. If you have a sewing machine and would like to come in to help teach us how to sew, and work with one or two students at a time, please let me know. If you know of anyone that would like to join us as well, I would be happy to contact them.

Upcoming Events:

Last Home Basketball Game - We will be serving hot chocolate and doing half time events to raise money for Chicago this Wednesday, January 21. I will need both students and a couple parents to help run this fundraiser.

C4 Field Trip - We will be attending a Field Trip to the C4 program on Friday, February 6th. I will need a few volunteers to make the groups flow better. If you are able to join us, the trip is from 8:15-11:15 that morning. Please email or send a note if you are able to join us.

February 13 - Friendship Dance

Please reiterate to your student that this is a Friendship Dance and not a boyfriend/girlfriend thing. Some of the students are beginning to place too much emphasis on this and are not following expectations as closely, or completing work, due to trying to 'show off' or distract another student of interest. More severe consequences will have to be put in place if students do not get this under better control. I understand this is the age where some if this begins, BUT this is also the OPPORTUNITY to teach correct behaviors and work ethic priority.

February 18th - Staff and Student Basketball Game. We will also be in charge of this event as a Fundraiser for Chicago. More details will be coming soon.

Well - that is all for this week. Again, please check in with your student on PowerSchool. I want this semester to begin strong for ALL students!

Laura Burbrink


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