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September 10, 2018

ESchool Down This Afternoon

eSchool will be down today starting at 5PM. We don't know yet how long it will be down.

Very Important Remind Information

If students call you on Remind and you do not answer, they will get your voicemail on your phone (just like anyone else would get if they called you)

IF your voicemail message has your cell phone number on it, for example "You have reached the voicemail box for 972-###-####) then THE STUDENTS WILL BE GIVEN YOUR CELL PHONE NUMBER.

Please make sure the the voicemail on your cell phone does not state your phone number so this doesn't happen.

The other option to prevent this is to adjust your call preferences in your account. Under Communication and then under Call Preferences uncheck Receive calls through Remind. Teachers can still make calls with this turned off, but not receive them


In courses where parents can see each other

  • The teacher can turn this feature off for the class
  • Parents can block other users or report them to Remind if they are being inappropriate, but they cannot remove them from the lists.


We have heard from parents that they cannot always tell who messages are coming from. Class announcements will be prefaced with your class name, but if you message an individual, that info doesn't show up. It would be a good idea when sending individual messages to say something like "This is Mrs. Hampton. Don't forget..."


To change class privacy settings from your remind.com account online, just click on the name of the class you would like to change the settings for and then click on the Gear in the top right corner. "Class settings" should pop up. You can then check or uncheck the box next to "People in this class can see and message each other". This will also make it so that your class isn't publicly listed for people to join.


We also have lots of folks who have 2 accounts. If you need to encourage someone to merge their accounts you can send them here.


Thanks for your patience as we learn this new system. Y'all have been AMAZING!

Big picture
Big picture

Google Classroom Updates

There are 2 Great updates in Google Classroom that you are going to want to take note of.

There is a new Materials section where you can now put all your course materials that you used to send in announcements or put in the about tab (if you haven't updated classes for this year).

Also- if you created a class last year and haven't gotten the classwork section that came out this summer, you can now update those old classes to get the classwork section!

Read more here if you want to see some screen shots.

New buttons on Google Sites

You can now create hyperlinks in a google site by adding buttons! If you haven't tried creating a google site lately, you should go play just to see how easy it is. Kids can collaborate on sites and build them together making them a fun tool for presentations. Here is a quick overview about how the new button option works.


My favorite site for images is Pixabay, which offers a ton of super high-quality images that are all public domain. That means that when you use those images, no citation is needed for copyright compliance. This is open for teachers but unfortunately has been blocked for students due to some inappropriate images. There is a safe search option that we have been experimenting with, and it turns out we have to do a little bit of a work around.

To use pixabay, students should go to https://safesearch.pixabay.com in a browser. A login box will pop up, and students should enter guest/guest as the username and password. Once logged in they can use Pixabay like normal and safe search will be enforced.

If you are going to have students create any digital content this year with images, you need to take note of this!

Breakout Boxes

We now have FIVE breakout boxes in total. We have the original one from the company, plus 4 that I built from miscellaneous locks and supplies. The 4 I built are identical and the fifth is very close. Don't forget I can help put together digital breakouts as well! If you are interested, come see me and I can help you create a fun breakout experience for your class. Breakout Boxes are now reserveable in Eduphoria F&E under Mobile Learning Device Lab