Michael Kors

Fashion of Michael Kors

Life of Michael kors


Michael Kors is from Merrick New York, but his capital design area is New York city. He attended the Fashion institute of technology in New York city.

What made him famous

Michael kors became famous with his first design of men sports wear. He later designed a dress for Michelle Obama and became a judge on the show project runway. He now designs things from purses to women's wear.

Main style of Michael kors line

Michael kors main style is chic, luxurious American Sportswear. Strong on shape and line, with no decorative add-ons.

Micheal Kors depute

Michael kors deputed in the 90s with his men's sports wear collection

Interesting facts

Some things you may not know about Michael Kors that he was a former model and that he dropped out of his design school after two semesters.

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