Andrew Yin


Come to the Netherlands!

Netherlands is an awesome place to take a vacation to! Wether you like different foods, sports, or art, Netherlands is the place for you! There are many kinds of foods from the world famous Dutch pastries to delicious vegetable soup to deep-fried sausage and pork chops for meet lovers. If you don't like any of those, then try Dutch chocolate! The most popular sport, like most countries, is soccer. You should try it! If you don't like soccer, you can try korfbal. It is a sport where you throw ball into the other team's hoop. Netherlands is also an amazing place to practice art; there are lots of art schools in the Netherlands. Lots of the world's most famous artists were Dutch, like Vincent Van Gogh. There are lots of holidays you wouldn't want to miss, like Christmas And lastly, if you just want to relax and have a good time, you should wander around in some of Netherlands' museums! There are art museums, history museums, national museums, science museums, you name it, they have it.


The Netherlands' currency is the euro, which is used by 22 European countries. The euro is the second most traded currency in the world with only the US dollar in front of it. Netherlands adopted the euro in 2002. The euro is about 1.35 US dollars.


The official and dominant language in Netherlands is Dutch. However, Dutch people also speak Frisian (which is spoken in Friesland), English, German, and French. English, German, and France are taught in secondary school. Hoe gaat het met jou means "how are you?" in Dutch.


The Netherlands' government is a constitutional monarchy, which means there is a monarch but the monarch is limited by the constitution. The government has three branches: the judicial branch, the excecutive branch, and the legislative branch. Change to a democracy Netherlands!