by Jenna Snodgrass

Why are Backpacts so Heavy?

"Oh my gosh my back hurts." I say this almost every morning because of my 7 period classes. Not only is it a problem with all my 7 period classes but also because some classes still use books even when we have computers. Backpack weight puts a lot of strain and stress on students after hours of school. Kids shouldnt have to worry about carrying all the weight when they can focus more on their classes and homework.

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School Books

Now that we have computers we shouldn’t have to use books. They put more weight on our backpacks. They’re also hard to carry around all day without using lockers. Although kids find it better carrying backpacks than carrying books to every class. It’s still hard to carry every book you have in your backpack because of the weight it puts on you. Kids should be able to only carry a computer now instead of a heavy book.

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Avon Students Talk About Heavy Backpacks

Many kids find it stressful to carry a heavy backpack. Kids should carry no more than 10 to 15% of their body weight. Many kids complain because of trips they take with their heavy backpacks. Some kids only carry folders in their bags. They also leave their books at home to keep their backpacks from getting to heavy.

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Why Use Lockers?

With only 6 minutes during each passing period kids don’t have time to go to their lockers to get their stuff. Some kids are too far away from their lockers to even get to them. Having lockers in high school is harder than what it was in middle school.

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Affects of Heavy Backpacks

Backpacks cause Scoliosis and can also cause back pains. The weight from the backpacks out a strian on the neck, shoulders and the back. Sometimes the weight from the books can create poor posture. When the backpack is worn incorrectly it can cause the kids to shift or bend to the side to bear the weight.
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How to Prevent Back Pains

To prevent children from getting back pains or Scoliosis we should reduce the amount of books and use a laptop. Laptops are easier to carry and have everything you need. kids should always use both straps. They should always make sure their back pack has pads to help with the pressure.
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The Cost of Backpacks

Back packs can cost a lot of money. Backpacks get torn easily because of the amount of weight it has. The books and heavy weight weigh down the corner of the bags causing it to rip or create a hole in it. This is why most kids get a new backpack every year.

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Carrying a Heavy Backpack is Like Hittng the Gym

Carrying a heavy backpack is tiring after 7 hours of school. Kids find backpacks very useful because they can carry all their stuff together without having to carry their books or go to their lockers. It’s much easier to carry all your electronics now without using just a locker. But backpacks can still be a pain to some.

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Backpack Safety

Does your backpack give you the support you need? Backpack safety is very important for those who have heavy backpacks. Kids should wear both straps on their shoulders instead of just one. Their straps should be padded and to give support. Kids can create more back problems if they don’t get the right support they need.

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Backpacks may be helpful for school with all your heavy books. It more helpful to carry a laptop than to carry a heavy bag full of books. Computers are weightless and are used more often than books are. There are always better ways to prevent back pain, Scoliosis and decreasing the use of heavy backpacks are one of them.