Freud, Id, Ego, and Superego

And a few of the Ego Defense Mechanisms


The Ego is the part of the psyche which contains the will to live, the idea of the continuation of your own existence.


The Id is the primal, angry, beastial part of the human psyche, it works off of the pleasure principle, the want or need to do things that bring you pleasure. It is thought of as the dark or negative part of the mind, this brings angry thoughts to the conscious mind.


The influences from authoritative figures and the people who you are around most. The Superego is containing the moral stance, the conscience of an individual, and the idea that what you know changes how you act.


The defense mechanism known as Denial describes the way the Ego will eliminate a stress inducing stimulus, by telling itself that it doesn't exist.


Displacement describes taking your feelings on one threatening stimulus, and unleashing the physical damage from those feelings onto something less intimidating.


The practice of ignoring the emotional right brain's input into your conscious mind, and focusing on the logical input of the left brain.


Taking out your incomprehensible or unwanted feelings onto another person.


Taking the logical side of an argument when the side you prefer won't win.

Reaction Formation

Refusing to believe something because it causes anxiety, and instead believing the opposite.