Safe Haven

Connecting modern literature to Greek myths

About the novel.....

Katie leaves her hometown of Boston to get to the small town of Southport, North Carolina, to leave behind a secret she'd rather keep in her past. She became friends with her neighbor Jo, and meets Alex Wheatley, the manager of a local convenience store, and his children, Lexie and Josh. Alex's wife died of cancer. Katie and Alex begin dating. Lexie loves Katie. At first, Josh wanted nothing to do with her, but eventually changes his opinion and started to like her. Kevin, a Boston police officer, searches for Katie using his authority as a police officer, and forges reports that she is a wanted murderer. After seeing her picture in the police station, Alex confronts Katie and promises to protect her no matter what.


safe haven by SamHatesErin


Katie: A young woman who runs away from an abusive husband to start a new life.

Alex: A widowed store owner and father of two children, Lexie and Josh.

Jo: Neighbor to Katie, but secretly the ghost of Alex's ex-wife.

Kevin: A Boston police officer who is married to Katie. He's an abusive husband

Lexie: Alex' daughter

Josh: Alex' son


Just like Perseus goes on a journey to kill Hades and save Andromeda, Katie goes on one to save herself from an abusive husband and to start a better life for herself.

Throughout her journey, Katie has help from Alex. He helps her by keeping her safe and guiding her through the time shes spent in her new town. Alex guides Katie just like Perseus' father guided him.

In Perseus' life, his traumatic even is when his family dies. Katie's traumatic event isn't as bad, however she is abused throughout her marriage and risked her life every day staying in the house with a man like Kevin.

Kevin has some similarities with Zeus. He is hated by Katie and Alex. Also he has a lot of control by being a police officer. Zeus isn't like much by fellow Gods, but also has a lot of control by being leader of the Gods.

In old myths, something bad always seems to happen. This also happens in the book i read. Even though something bad happens, in one way a good thing comes from it. Perseus' family dies, but he ends up saving someone....Katie gets abused, but then leaves and starts a good life for her somewhere else.