Let's keep the world

We can save the earth if we recycle!

Why we need to recycling plastic bottlels?

Most of the bottles of drinking water and detergent containers. Other plastic products discarded trash, take up a great stay buried in landfills for many years, and bearings considerable environmental damage.

Biodegradable plastic bottle after 1,000 years.

recycl plastic bottlels

Let's recycle plastic bottles

recycling corporation, owned by beverage manufacturers in Israel acts to

• collect beverage containers must deposit volume up to a liter and a half and taking them for recycling.

• provide a means for collecting bottles Family (volume of half a liter or more) by setting up recycling facilities in coordination with local authorities (evacuation bottles recycling facilities and bringing them to recycling is done by local authorities through subcontractors).


name: Noy and Sagi
Recycling Plastic Water Bottles