Minal Intermediates


Industrial Applications of Specialty Chemicals, Dyes & Pigment Intermediates

Minal Intermediates is a renowned company established in 1991 with an innovative vision in manufacturing the quality specialty chemicals and intermediates for dyes, pigment, API, Agro and Pharmaceuticals. The large portion of the company production is utilized in local market and rest is exported in the global market with significant demand in USA, Asia and Europe. With the modern infrastructure, research and development facilities, large scale production plants, stringent testing and product analysis have played a significant role in raising the company as a strong leader in Indian & global chemical industries.

The ISO 9001:2008 certified Company is aggressive and keen about its corporate responsibilities with lowering the environmental effects while its productivity. It adhere the pollution control regulations strictly to produce the end product without affecting the environment with the help of its primary and secondary effluent treatment plants. The strong worldwide distribution network, quality products, advanced production technology and customer centric approach are the key factors in global success of Minal Intermediates. Here it is tried to explore some of the quality chemicals and its industrial applications-

Specialty Chemicals

Specialty chemicals and intermediates are highly demanded complex ingredients in the field of Pharmaceutical, Industrial and commercial material manufacturing. Such organic/inorganic substances are also known as specialties that can give various effects while applying with other materials and processes. Some of them are agro chemicals, cosmetic & food additives, lubricants and polymers etc applied in different industries like automobiles, textile, agriculture, food and manufacturing etc.

Dyes Intermediates

These oilfield downstream products are processed to transform into dyes and pigments. Minal intermediates manufactures various dyes intermediates like 1-(4-Sulphophenyl) -3- Carboxyl -5- Pyrazolone (Trade name P-Scope (1:4 SPCP), CAS No. 118-47-8) with light pale yellow colour and applied widely in reactive dyes and food colors production. There are many other chemicals 5-Aminomethyl Tobias Acid, 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetyl-K Acid Sodium Salt, 2,3-Dihydroxyquinoxaline-6-Carboxylic Acid, 2-(2-Hydroxyethylamino)-5-Nitrophenyl]-(2-Hydroxyethyl)-Sulfon, 1:4 BIS (4-Amino-2-Sulphostrayl) Benzene, P-Phenylenediamine with different formula are applied in special reactive dyes and hair dye.

API Intermediates

Pharma chemicals are classified in two: Pharma Intermediates and API Intermediates (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients). APIs are widely used in generic drug manufacturing processes. Pharmaceutical Intermediates are the complex chemical compounds and basic building blocks in creating APIs so are ultimate components of drugs. There are several intermediates which our company is providing are Ezetimibe Intermediates, Penem Intermediates (Imipenem, Meropenem, Ertapenem) can be identified with different CAS No.

Pigment Intermediates

These chemical substances are formulated to add/modify specific properties, while mixed with certain materials. The pigment intermediates is having the broad spectrum applications in manufacturing different colours and paints, inks, coating material, papers and printing in textile. Minal formulates various compounds used as intermediates of Pigment Red 38, Pigment Yellow 185, Pigment Yellow 138 and Pigment Yellow 183.

Agro Intermediates

The agricultural intermediates are used in producing pesticides, plant growth regulatory substances, herbicides, bactericides and other crops protecting products. E.g. acetoacetaldehyde dimethyl acetal is used for flumatsulam (herbicide) & nevirapine, 4-methylphthalic anhydride for imidazolinone etc.


The specialty chemicals and intermediates are playing vital role in various industries. The only thing it needs to produce quality chemicals without the environmental effects and need to take a great care while producing at larger scale.