Gott Gazette

Mrs. Gott's Fifth Grade Newsletter


  • Pictures or money is due ASAP!! If you do not want to purchase the pictures, you must return them.
  • Jump for Heart forms are due MONDAY!
  • iPads will be turned in on May 21st. They must be turned in with at least 80% battery and the charger in a ziploc baggie.
  • Title One Parent Night forms are due MONDAY!
  • The students have TWO more days of ISTEP! I am SO proud of them thus far!

What is happening in Fifth Grade?

Science Students!

  • I looked on and tri-fold display boards are only $2.77. Plus you will need to split the cost with your partner! If you still need help getting a board, please let me know and I can help!
  • We will not be working on the science project next week at school-only at home. The kids will have the week of the 11th to work on them at school, but that is it. If your child has not completed the experiment, it needs to be completed this weekend or during the week next week. Some experiments may take a week to complete. Have you seen your child's hypothesis?

Animal Research Projects

  • I found out the the iPads must be returned on May 21st, so if your child is doing a presentation on the iPad, they must e-mail me the presentation BEFORE MAY 21st!!! If they do not, their work will be lost! I have already had one student complete and present the Animal research project and she did an outstanding job! The students should know what is expected.
  • Please, if you have any questions, please e-mail me.

Spelling and Math

  • We will have a spelling test next week.
  • We will be having math homework next week. Your child may or may not complete it before the end of the day.

If you would like to send in snacks for the class to have after testing, that would be greatly appreciated. We will be testing on Monday and Tuesday. We have 30 students. THANK YOU!