The trail of Tears

The trail of tears was a vary sad place in time

The Indian removal act of 1930.

This act was Jackson's fist peace of legislative.

The act said every Indian east of the Mississippi river are forcefully removed.

5 Indian groups were affect by this act.

One of the groups did something about.

why were the Indian's reamoved

The reason that the american Indians had to move was because it made it difficult for the white Americans to move west.

and some american Indians moved because they were promised land.

what were some hard ships that the indians faced when they were being moved

1 out of 4 Indians died during the trail of tears. Because of starvation, lack of water, and miles of walking.

it was really cold and the only way they could get water for them self and for the animals is by cutting the ice in the river.

Quotes of American Indian

"There is the coldest weather in Illinois I ever experienced anywhere. The streams area all frozen over something like 8 or 12 inches thick. We are compelled to cut through the ice to get water for ourselves and the animals." -martin Davis, in a letter of December 1838