Assistive Technology


Magnifier works by making the area of the screen you are scrolling over larger; without changing the quality of the image or writing. There are three modes to choose from: full screen, lens, and docked. You can also control the magnification amount (up to 16X) and color inversion (this is used for people who have trouble focusing or have sight issues).
Magnifier can be has more control to it as well. You can change the height and width of the box that is magnified as well as how much you image in the box is viewed.
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In the classroom this could be used for students with sight problems. You can also use this for students who need online text chucked for them by using the sizing option and setting it to read one line or one section only in the magnifier.
Windows 7 Magnifier

- Magnifier magnifies a portion of the screen for you to see it better

- You can control the type of magnification and size

- When magnified, what you are seeing magnified should appear clearly