Whittier Narrows Earthquake hits

The destruction at Robert Louis Stevenson School

On October 1, 1987, 7:42 p.m. The Whittier Narrows Earthquake with a Magnitude of 5.9, struck The Robert Louis Stevenson School. One of teachers there, Mr. Biasio, was just having his coffee before class started when the Earthquake hit. He said that first there was mild vibrations and then the walls appeared to be shaking. Then the Main part of the Earthquake hit and the walls were shaking violently and cracks appeared all of them. Plaster and dust and bits of drywall fell to the ground. The school evacuated to the field because of the worry of Aftershocks and stayed their until 4 O’clock when the parents started to pick up the students.

Earthquake Advice

Mr. Biasio says that for Earthquake advice is that all of the schools should have well planned Emergency Earthquake Preparations in case of an Earthquake.