GaVS Physics B: Week 8 Update

18 AND 16 week Spring 2017

This Week's Focus: Waves and Sound

We will finish our study of Waves this week and begin our study of sound. Specifically, we will be working on our Waves Labs. We will also take our Waves Test on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, February 28th @ 6:00 PM, we will have an Adobe session in my classroom.

Are you taking advantage of the extra learning opportunities?

I have been offering extra learning opportunities (extra credit) for watching the Adobe sessions (either live or the recording). They are quite easy - answer 5-10 questions about the adobe session and earn an extra point (which usually equals at least a few percent) on your test! Remember, our tests are worth 40% of our grade, so these are quite helpful and have brought a few students from grades BELOW 70% to grades ABOVE 70%!

Plus, you might learn something from the Adobe session, which could help your grade even more!

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me:

Emily Kroutil

470-238-8663 (call or text; please do not call after 8 PM)