By: Claudia Davis

Conservations Vs. Preservation


Wildlife helps in maintaining a balanced level of species and their population. Predators and prey is one example. Predators hunt animals and that helps keeping the numbers of species good. Without predators, the population of the animals that they would hunt would sky rocket. Food would become scarce, and eventually, that species would die out. Hunting is another example for all the same reasons as predators. Hunting is a good thing in helping to maintain a healthy population. Although season regulations are in place, it helps. The season regulations are set to tell hunters when they can and can not hunt. If hunting was allowed all the time, there would eventually be no more animals left to hunt, leaving the predators with no food and they would die out. Biodiversity is the variety of species in a environment, and the more, the better.

~Conservation in wildlife~

Conservation in wildlife is the effort that humans put into protecting the Earth's natural & biological diversity. These efforts aim more towards endangered animals, and the plants and natural habitats of the creatures that live in them. Studies and tests are run to see what animals are in need of protection. Scientist study different animals in the 7 kingdoms to find more information about them so we can have a better understanding about them, and so we can figure out appropriate ways to help the environment. This doesn't go for just endangered species, all animals are studied and are helped in any way possible. Hunting laws, "No Go" zones and other things are created for the safety of animal populations.

~Preservation in wildlife~

Wildlife preservation is a very important thing to insure that endangered animals, and natural habitats for other animals are protected. Yellowstone park is an example of a wildlife preservation park. Scientist there study the biology of specials that live there, as well as relocated animals that biologist and scientists moved there many years ago. Species thrive there and without a worry of humans coming to hunt them. Another example of a wildlife preserve would be Denali Nation Park in Denali Alaska. The park is filled with animals, lakes, vegetation, etc. Polar bears are an endangers species in Alaska due to "Global Warming" as some people believe..... But also are endangered due to poachers, and a scarcity of food. Denali National Park works to keep polar bears safe from poachers in the park.