Video Games in the 80s

By: Amanda McKillip

My Question To You: Have You Ever Played a Video Game?

Most likely everyone has, but do you know why? The answer is simple. It's because they're a great way to be entertained.

Some of the Most Popular 80s Video Games

Where did Video Games Start?

William Highinbotham

What Someone that Grew Up in the 80s said...

Everyone Loves Video Games

  • They help inspire an audience
  • It’s a great stress reduction tool
  • They have a cross platform compatibility
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They Become Bigger and Better

Reasons Why Video Games Should be in the 80s-90s Hall of Fame

  • Many early video games helped create equipment used by NASA today
  • Video Game Development is one of the biggest industries that grows bigger every year
  • Video game companies, like Nintendo, offer jobs from testing games to creating games
  • Some games help kids with disabilities to communicate
  • They can improve life skills like hand eye coordination